What I do

I help you- the service professional to get your marketing plan in place by clarifying your brand character, your niche target and your pricing.
Below is the process that we will go through in the first 6 months of our coaching. As my coaching is one on one and not in a group setting, the advantage is that I will introduce the Sections according to where you are in your business and in fitting with your business’s specific needs.

Intake Session: Goals for coaching, Vision, Duck/Gremlin Strategy, Want me to say/not say during coaching agreement.
Section 1. Setting a Brand Character and checking current business for consistency against this character. Does the current business name, website, business cards, presentations, pricing and social media presence fit this? If not, modify and change as needed.
Section 2. Who is your ideal client/What service do you offer them decisions and finding actual people in this niche to clarify if niche is viable or accessible to client.
Section 3. Develop the client’s How. The process by which he/she helps clients.
Section 4. Messaging. How will the How be communicated to the Who in a way that addresses their pain and is in synch with the Brand Character. This is typically where a speaking topic is built.
Section 5. Populate the Marketing Sun (Your marketing plan). The marketing sun is made up of the following elements of a client’s target market’s life:
o Meetings/Conference/Trade Shows/Events
o Associations/Organizations
o Publications
o Social Media Groups
o Other Professionals who already serve this target market (strategic alliances)
o Your competition with a different specialty (strategic alliances)
• Section 6. Execute the Marketing Sun and address barriers as they come up.


The EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program is a 2-day leadership program designed to enhance the coaching, communication and change leadership skills of people in today’s workplace towards achieving results and contributing to organizational success.

Participants will discover coaching as a powerful leadership tool – and walk away with the skills to apply the coach-approach in the workplace immediately. The workshop will provide participants with an enhanced framework for communicating and holding conversations with others that will engage, empower, and inspire forward action with people at all levels in the workplace.

The EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program features twelve (12) custom designed and produced video clips (vignettes) that provide real-life examples of coaching conversations in the workplace. Another key feature of the program is distinction that is made between coaching for “development” and coaching for “performance” in the workplace supported by two conversation models designed for the realities of the workplace. The key features are listed below:

    • Powerful Video Scenarios – The custom designed and produced video clips (vignettes) provide examples of coaching conversations in the workplace and illustrate real-life coaching situations that managers, supervisors and employees face in the workplace.
    • GUIDE Coaching™ Model – The GUIDE Coaching™ Model is focused on development and supporting people to identify their own goals, develop their own solutions, and achieve personal success. The GUIDE Coaching™ Model has five (5) steps that are designed to move people in alignment with the coachee’s goals.
  • DIRECT Feedback™ Model – The Direct Feedback™ Model is focused on performance and providing performance feedback, setting expectations and achieving organizational results. The DIRECT Feedback™ Model has six (6) steps that are designed to move people forward in alignment with the manager’s and/or organizational goals.

In Celia Rock’s book “Brilliance Marketing”, she asks “what is your company’s brilliance? What are you known for being best at? How do you recognize this brilliance from a ten thousand foot distance and determine your company’s vision and mission to propel your business forward?”
In this three hour workshop, I ask that you gather all key stakeholders in your business and include long standing trusted clients as well as suppliers in the core group that will help determine your company’s brilliance and vision.
I will show you:
-How to determine your business’s brilliance and your vision for the business using this brilliance
-Ascertain whether this brilliance is being reflected in every aspect of your business
How to use this brilliance to enhance:

  • Your product
  •  Your differentiation
  •  Your pricing
  •  Your packaging
  •  Your communication tools: Web site, brochures, business cards, proposals
  • What is a suitable mission statement for your company?
  • What are the next steps for your business to live these values?

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