What I do

Does the market really need you and what you do?don't need you

I am a Market Demand Expert who helps entrepreneurs tap into their unique Qualified Buying Market.

What is a Qualified Buying Market you might ask? It’s the group of people who are in the most amount of pain for what you can help them with and who can pay you the amount of money that you want. Why is it important to find your qualified buying market? Well because unfortunately almost half of all small businesses go bankrupt in 20 months because of lack of market demand. This means that most businesses NEVER find their qualified buying market, simply because it doesn’t even exist. Or it doesn’t exist at a level that can sustain a business.

As part of my work with clients, I’ve created a 2-day workshop where a small intimate group of business owners reach out to potential Buying Market groups (like Divorcing Women or IT HR Managers) and ask them a series of questions to determine the viability of how they’ve been selling themselves. Here are more details about the workshop:

2 Day Market Demand Intensive

The hardest part of determining if there’s a viable Market Demand for the way you’ve positioned your services is not knowing how to do it. That’s why I’ve designed a 2 day completely hands-on intensive experience where I teach you how to:

-Figure out who your different Buying Markets (ideal clients) could be

-How to reach out to them to ask them a series of questions

-How to ask the questions to determine the viability of your current niche

-How to determine the viability of new ways to position yourself

-How to find a more profitable and faster growing segment of ideal clients to tap into.

Here’s the agenda below


A small group of business owners will come into a boardroom and call 15 prospects(who have pre-arranged phone appointments set on that date) to ask them a series of questions about their needs in their industry.  As part of this day, I will

-have a pre-call with you to teach you WHO to call and how to set up call appointments for the day of the workshop

-help you create your call script

-teach you ways to get in front of your target Buying Markets so you can avoid cold-calling to set up the appointments


On the second day, we take the data from your previous day’s research findings. Your data will show us the following:

-Who is your most Qualified Buying Market

-What is the most viable service or product offering you can se

-Does the market bear your price or is it too high?

-How should you change your marketing plan to grow your sales faster?

-How do you change your messaging to fit your new specialty and Buying Market?

  • your keynote topics and titles

At the end of this 2-Day Intensive, you will have your unique specialty positioning confirmed and your Qualified Buying Market defined and a Marketing Plan in place.

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