When Someone In The Audience Ranted On Me

I was speaking at the SOHO Entrepreneur’s conference this week. The room was packed. I had a tiny speaking time slot I’d begged my way into and the organizers were frantically giving me the ‘you’re out of time’ gestures. At the end of my talk, something unexpected happened. A very angry older woman stood up and waved her notebook at me saying “you didn’t get to half the points you said you’d cover, I’m still waiting!”

What would you do if this happened to you? Here are a few lessons that I learned from my brush with audience fury.

When You’re In The Public Eye, Unpleasant Things Could Happen

Public Speaking is a huge fear for most people. No wonder because even though I LOVE to speak, I wasn’t feeling too warm and fuzzy as I was being verbally mauled by this audience member. I blog, speak, appear on TV and radio shows touting that it’s ok to be yourself. Well, here was a reminder that if I’m up for doing all those things, I have to be prepared that not everyone might agree with or like what I’m doing.

Ride the A-Train

My fave coach Sam Horne advises that when someone complains, we should ride what she calls the A-train: Apologize, Acknowledge and Act. So when angry lady caused a ruckus, I told her that I was sorry that we’d run out of time and that she hadn’t gotten to the part she came for (all true and valid complaints). Then I offered to stay behind and answer any questions she had for her business. She booted out as soon as the lights went up so I don’t think she was impressed but I’ve found the A-train invaluable in my business dealings.

Keep Cool

Having someone angry at me isn’t fun. Having someone yell at me in front of a packed room full of people I’m trying to convert into clients is even more nerve wracking. The best thing I did was to keep my cool in that situation and keep repeating the A-train like a robot and quickly move onto other matters. My best advice for you if you’re a small biz owner who is hit head-on with negativity is to think about something that makes you gooey inside (I thought of my 4 year old and how he was waiting for me in his pj’s at home in his bed). It works every time.

Plan Better

The angry audience lady was actually right. I should’ve completely changed up my speech and my usual keynote speaking summary to realistically reflect what I could present in that very small amount of time. It was a bitter way to remind me once again that no matter how many times I do this, I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

So the next time someone rants on you in public in front of potential clients, take my advice and you’ll look forward to the next flaying with more fortitude.

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My Surprising New Year’s Resolutions

HappyNewYear2013ManArmsUp660Yup, I’m an entrepreneur and for me, it’s that time of year when everything is fresh and exciting. It’s also that time where everything seems do-able and fun. So here’s my crack at a list of my 2013 resolutions.

1.       Get on TV

To my everlasting embarrassment, my only previous experience of being on tv was a news footage of a close up of me, unknowingly stuffing a giant piece of lettuce into my mouth at an outdoor café. Unfortunately, the news story was about the fact that health inspectors had closed down the restaurant!  I had people recognize me from that 1 minute reel and laugh at me for months afterwards!

This year, I want to be featured in a slightly different way. I want to spread the word about branding to small biz owners everywhere!

 2.       Stop Talking (So Much)

According to coach training, while pure coaching, we are supposed to listen to the coachee 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the session. In fact, there’s an acronym that we use called WAIT (Why Am I Talking?). Even though I combine consulting into my coaching, I’m resolving to shut up and listen more to everyone around me this year. I’ll bet my hubby will be happy about this one!

3.       Have more coffee

No, I don’t actually want to drink more coffee but to make more coffee dates with people I meet at networking events. Lots of my coffee dates have turned into clients in 2012. 2013 is going to be ALL about building relationships for me.

So what are your crazy and wonderful resolutions this year? Write and let me know, maybe I can help!

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How to Stop Over Thinking and Get Things Done

Thinking it Over

Thinking it Over (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you simply can’t make a quick decision and you are a procrastinator of the worst kind, you’re probably overthink things. You know you’re an Overthinker if things you commit to are always late and you’re still not satisfied with how they’ve ended up. Help is here Overthinkers, take a look at the list below so you too can get things done fast!

1. Focus on being adaptable, not perfect. Instead, aim to be adaptable. That strategy relieves the burden on individual decisions and gives you more power to change course once you get new information.

2. Embrace the possibility of failure.Take the fear of failure off the table by thinking of failure differently. Rather than seeing it as an end point, think of it as a beginning. See it as new information that gives you an opportunity to adapt and improve — an expected step toward success.

3. Listen to your gut instinct.  If you’re not sure what you really want to do, toss a coin. Your gut instinct has the wisdom of your experience and expertise — trust it.

via How to Stop Over Thinking and Get Things Done.

I love the ‘Embrace Failure’ one the best because once you’ve done that, what could upset you? You’ve already accepted not to be perfect or right or successful, what could possibly be worse than that? If you’re upto the challenge of doing these things, then I take my virtual hat off to you.

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