How a Multi Level Marketer Sold Me in 1 Minute

greatsaleswomanAdmit it, most people (who don’t sell multilevel marketing-MLM products themselves) shudder in dread when they meet an MLM peddler. Even though I have had clients who WERE multilevel marketers, I have to admit to being one of the shudderers.

Until I met Janet from Arbonne. Then everything changed. During her 2 minute networking self-introduction, Janet started talking about her bout with breast cancer a few years ago. She talked about how she linked it to a cream she was herself marketing as a pharma rep and the chemicals that were in it. Then she talked about how she found another cream under the Arbonne brand and how she credited it with saving her life.

A room full of mostly men and I, the world’s most jaded marketer were riveted to Janet and her story. Janet then went on to talk about what made her an expert in all matters chemical and skin and that’s when she SOLD me. My darling 4 year old’s hands looked like dishwasher hands because of the cold. Every cream I tried was burning him so I thought, who better to have the solution to my pain that a skin care ‘expert’ with a product line of pure and natural creams at her arsenal?

This is what I learned from Janet and I hope you will use it in your own marketing.

You Are Selling Your ‘Why’

When Janet talked about why she sold Arbonne and how she came to know the brand, it was completely compelling and believable. Why do you do what you do? Talk about it all day and everyday. Everywhere.

Stories Capture Better Than Facts

Janet’s deeply personal and agonizing story was immediately more captivating than any facts or figures she could’ve thrown at me. It was very compelling and left a big impression. What stories should you be telling?

Focus On One Area

The biggest downfall of most MLM reps is that they are literally trying to sell the entire line of products, from weight loss to anti aging to athletic performance to baby skin. Janet was focused on skin. That’s all she talked about and that’s the product that she showed us. Are you focused or are you a generalist like EVERYONE else?

Position Yourself As An Expert

Janet’s story made me believe that her background and experience in the pharma world made her something of an expert in that topic. So I ran upto her and asked for her advice. What are you an expert in that people run upto you to consult with?

When I’ve resisted buying a product for years from hundreds of people I have known who sold it and a person I don’t know from Adam is able to sell it to me in 1 minute, I know that she’s got something special going on. Get your groove on, follow this game plan and get out there. I’m going to do the same!

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Is This Going To Be A Waste Of My Time?

wasteoftimeNo, I wasn’t thinking this before a date or anything.

However, it is THE question that I ask myself every time I think about signing up for an event, a networking group or a seminar to grow my business. As a marketing coach for small business development, it’s also a question I hear from a lot of my clients.

So here are some signs that YES, it will be a waste of time to invest yourself in an event:

Every attendee has a free email address

I once called the organizer of a networking group and asked what kind of businesses were going to be present. He couldn’t really even tell me because much to his frustration, most of the emails on his list were Gmail’s. I hung up promptly after thanking him because in my experience, a business that still uses a free email address isn’t really professional or big enough to be my target. No matter what your target, I might argue the same for you.

The group is being run by a person who doesn’t fit your target client profile

When a networking group is being run by an individual or if an event is being put on by an organizer, I always check out who that person is. An example is a recent group I looked into where I saw that the founder and organizer of the group was a big player in the industry of real estate. When I looked further into the list of other members, I saw that mostly mortgage brokers and insurance agents were present. This didn’t fit my target client who is a 6 figure service based consultant or coach so I moved on.

The venue wouldn’t normally be frequented by your target client

In my Public Speaking seminar, I talk about the hilarious story of how I presented management skills to a group of mostly retired members of a management association at a pub. It turned out that that particular chapter of the association had morphed into a social club. I learned from then on that the kind of venues that my target client goes to is more in the vein of expensive boardrooms, private members clubs and high end meeting rooms. Not a pub or a bar or a restaurant. That’s what MY target client does. What about yours?

The fee for the event isn’t typical of what your target client would expect to pay

Since my target client is an established business owner, I am very leery of events that are free or almost free. I now find that my potential clients frequent high priced ticket events such as industry awards, galas or annual general meetings of their association. Conversely if your business targets are startups or a lower economic bracket of the population, you would WANT to frequent the free or almost free events.

So if you don’t have an answer to this question of ‘is this going to be a waste of my time?’ first make sure that you’re crystal clear on who your ideal target client its, then consider the above factors in making your decision. The last thing I want you to be doing is wasting your precious small business marketing resources.

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Why Can’t I Make More Money?

I’ve been conference coaching for the past 2 days at a conference with 3000 attendees. This is where I, along with a team of other coaches do one on one coaching in 15 minute segments. Here’s the kicker: the sentiment I heard from most small businesses I spoke to was the fact that they were stuck at an income level and just couldn’t generate any more. They felt frustrated, exhausted and were often running on empty. Sound familiar?

What’s It All About?

The big secret that small businesses don’t know about making more money is that they haven’t figured out where they should FOCUS their marketing. Often, they are marketing to too many diverse target client groups (like say manufacturers, entrepreneurs, different industries etc.)  and can’t really build an expert status amongst any given one!

Dream Come True

The right ideal target client will not just appear out of thin air and hound you to work together.  No, unfortunately that kind of dream-come-true scenario only happens after a long time spent playing the field or by sheer dumb luck.

You need to strategically and systematically figure out who needs what you offer the most right now. Who is in so much pain and is looking for your solution and will pay you more than anyone else for it?

Pot of Gold

So if you’ve been wondering why it is that you can’t make more money, look carefully at your business strategy.  Once you find the right target group and become an expert in only their pain, then you’ll have found your personal pot of gold!

Convincing the Psychic

A very successful but exhausted psychic and I were having a conversation about her marketing. I was giving the secret to growing her business. I explained the concept of focusing on one target group’s pain point at a time. For example, she helped grieving adult children reconnect with their passed ones. At the same time, she was a pet communicator, helping owners understand their pets better. In addition to those two things, she was a healer; she could diagnose cancer patients just by touching them or talking to them.

When I told her to focus on one group’s pain first to grow her business, she was vehemently against this, saying “how can you ask me to pick just one group in this universe to help, they all need me! If they didn’t I wouldn’t have been given all these gifts!”  So I asked her if it was possible that amongst all these diverse groups of people who needed her, whether there was one who was most acutely in need of her help. I also asked if there was one group who would willingly pay for her high prices. She immediately said that the grief counseling was a big need and very profitable.

We then decided that her marketing plan would be built around reaching grieving adult children. How much simpler is that than trying to make a marketing plan around them, as well as pet owners AND cancer patients?

You too need to look at who you’re working with and ask yourself “who needs me the most” and “who will pay what I want to be paid for my services”.  Only once you identify this niche can you grow your business and finally make more money.

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The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

As a small business marketing coach, I talk about my mistakes all the time since I made so many of them since I want people to learn from them.  This one mistake I’m thinking about was so big that it kept me exhausted and starving in my business!

Here it is—ready? I was speaking to people who weren’t the cheque signers (buyers) for what I was selling.


When I first started coaching years ago, I would focus my marketing to corporate managers and employees and try to sell them coaching to help their teams communicate more effectively.  I was doing a major professional association keynote almost every week and networking with corporate employees almost on a daily basis.


People were definitely interested in how I could help them rise above petty team squabbles and get through better to their bosses but after conducting literally HUNDREDS of hours of free coaching, I discovered that no one was willing to pay out of their own pocket for their own career development.  They often ended up asking their department head for the budget and were always told to use existing in house resources.  I was frustrated, sad and hopeless.

No Help Coach

My coach at the time was of no help.  She had no expertise in how to help businesses determine the right niche target or product.  She was just teaching the same old same old that she’d used in her biz which had a totally different niche. That was another mistake I made, I didn’t do due diligence and check her references prior to hiring her.


I only started to get real traction when I developed a process to find a niche that worked for ME. Now, I use my 20 years of marketing background with this process to help entrepreneurs get new clients. Now,  every speech I deliver and every networking meeting I go to results in new clients.

So, don’t attack the marketplace with no niche and the wrong strategy like I did.  Instead, figure out first if people will PAY for what you’re selling and then get out there and ONLY speak to the cheque signers. You’ll see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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The Beatles were right – you can’t buy love

beatlesA lot of small businesses are pouring dollars into campaigns to win the hearts, minds and wallets of their clients. I’m here to make a bold statement (as I am known to make) that often, they are wasting their money.

You Can’t Make People Love You           

In high school, I always wanted to be friends with the ‘cool’ kids. I bought them lunch, told them racy stories or just clowned around trying to win their approval and friendship. Strangely enough, the people I attracted were much different from the ones I thought I wanted to attract.  The lesson was that friendships can’t be bought or coerced. Attraction has to happen on its own.

Businesses Need Client Love

As a small business owner with a tight marketing budget, I knew that I couldn’t spend enough money, buy enough ad space, or send enough flyers to my potential customers to buy their love. All that marketing spending would buy me would be AWARENESS not love.

All around me, I see businesses spending their marketing dollars on ways to make people aware of them. The critical thing they don’t get is that awareness doesn’t equal love.

To Know You Is To Love You

Now, granted once I get to know you, I might fall in love with your message and your personality but the critical piece that’s missing is that small businesses are expecting their awareness campaigns to buy them immediate liking, trust and buy-in. This just doesn’t happen.

How potential clients truly get to know you is to get an experience of how you help them with their pain.

For example, I coach at conferences. I publicly speak about my clients’ pain and their results. I blog about my thoughts and opinions. I send newsletters about my life, my work and my heart.

If you want your clients and potential clients to fall in love with you—just remember you can’t buy their love. You need to show yourself and allow them to get to know you. Then, you will be in their hearts and minds forever.

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