The 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Client

As a small business owner, I think my clients are like my bosses. I have loads of them. So if stats say that people leave their jobs because of not being able to get along with their bosses, I think it’s safe to say that it’s really important how you manage your clients. Like anything else, it starts at the beginning, BEFORE you take them on. Here are a few tips to getting awesome clients like mine.

1. What are they looking for?

Watch for clients who are focused solely on how much your product or service costs. These customers tend to be demanding and irreverent, and they’ll often not even go through with the deal.

2. Is my service the best thing for both of us?

Get to know your client to see if the partnership is a good fit.

3. Will this client be so happy that he will tell others about your service?

Do your best to make sure that each client walks away qualm-free by making sure you and the client are a good match to begin with.

4. Is what I have as good as, or better than, what they could get elsewhere?

Before agreeing to take on a client, you need to have multiple reasons, besides price, for why you are the best choice in the industry.

5. Is this client worth taking on?

This is the most important question to answer. Be certain that any new clients will benefit your company as a whole before you make a potentially costly mistake.

via The 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Client.

A client relationship in my business is like a mini adoption. For a while I become my clients’ Mom (or let’s say big sister-geez!) and keep them accountable and push them in a loving way to get more done than they would on their own. Like any Mom, I want them to succeed and think I know how to help.

So listen to your virtual Mom here and take a second look at your potential clients before taking down their credit card info.

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My Surprising New Year’s Resolutions

HappyNewYear2013ManArmsUp660Yup, I’m an entrepreneur and for me, it’s that time of year when everything is fresh and exciting. It’s also that time where everything seems do-able and fun. So here’s my crack at a list of my 2013 resolutions.

1.       Get on TV

To my everlasting embarrassment, my only previous experience of being on tv was a news footage of a close up of me, unknowingly stuffing a giant piece of lettuce into my mouth at an outdoor café. Unfortunately, the news story was about the fact that health inspectors had closed down the restaurant!  I had people recognize me from that 1 minute reel and laugh at me for months afterwards!

This year, I want to be featured in a slightly different way. I want to spread the word about branding to small biz owners everywhere!

 2.       Stop Talking (So Much)

According to coach training, while pure coaching, we are supposed to listen to the coachee 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the session. In fact, there’s an acronym that we use called WAIT (Why Am I Talking?). Even though I combine consulting into my coaching, I’m resolving to shut up and listen more to everyone around me this year. I’ll bet my hubby will be happy about this one!

3.       Have more coffee

No, I don’t actually want to drink more coffee but to make more coffee dates with people I meet at networking events. Lots of my coffee dates have turned into clients in 2012. 2013 is going to be ALL about building relationships for me.

So what are your crazy and wonderful resolutions this year? Write and let me know, maybe I can help!

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A letter to my son: Lessons from a mom who stumbles while growing her small business

When small business owners have disagreements with clients, suppliers or partners it’s very personal. Because our businesses are very personal to us. I had such a disagreement recently and before it affected my business growth, I wanted to address it in a way that was cathartic and useful. So I wrote a letter to my son who is only 3 years old but will surely grow up one day to face the same challenges and be able to benefit from these lessons. I wish the same for you.

  • When someone who you think likes you tells you that they never thought much of you, know that it’s because they are hurting inside and can’t stop the pain.
  • When someone who you’ve tried to help says that you’ve harmed them instead, know that they were harmed a long time ago and that you can only help them by loving them from a distance.
  • When hate is poured out to you from someone who you love, know that the hate isn’t really for you but for them. Send them love anyway.
  • When a dark moment comes over you as it will in this life, know that to think of all that you’re grateful for will bring light inside of you.
  • When you fail at something as you will in this life, know that it’s just a lesson in how not to do things in the future. Take the lesson and let go of the shame.
  • When something happens to bring your whole way of being into question, know that it is an opportunity to sharpen your vision.
  • Above all, know that all hate is just fear that we are not loved and that all pain is dissolved with forgiveness.

If anything in my letter resounds for you, take heart because no small business can grow without a few bumps along the way. As long as you keep things in perspective, you and your business will be only stronger for it.

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