Don’t Talk About Your Hell While You’re In It

You are human (right?) and while as an entrepreneur you help solve your clients’ pain, sometimes you are also in pain. Sometimes, that pain that you make your living helping clients with is also, for a brief moment in time, your pain. Do you feel like a fraud every day and go on as if nothing’s happening?

While at the WIBN conference this weekend, the dynamite Danielle Laporte, channelling my hero Dr. Wayne Dyer in a tight leopard outfit talked about this very topic. She said that while she was going through her divorce, she was selling books and advice on how to sort out other people’s lives. Similarly when I first launched my coaching practice, I had nightmares for 2 solid months trying to think of ways to get new clients.

Are You A Fake?

When what you teach ain’t helping you, do you stop the teaching? Well, I think that what you’re teaching (and selling) wouldn’t have an audience if there was no need for it in the world. No matter the source of the message, doesn’t the message still help those who don’t know what you know?

Hell Strategies

What do you do when you’re a money coach and you’re in debt or a biz development consultant and can’t get clients? Well, first and foremost you DON’T TALK ABOUT it WHILE you’re in it.

Another thing that you can do is to get some help. There’s a reason you’re in the situation you’re in so fix it. That, in my mind doesn’t negate your power in helping others.

When’s It Ok To Share?

Hopefully the mess will have moved far far away from your current everyday reality and you can (as Suzanne Evans says) then “make your mess your message”. You gain instant credibility and liking with that kind of authentic honesty.

What’s NOT Ok To Share?

Don’t share details that will hurt others. Don’t close doors you can’t open. Don’t bring judgement into your message. Bring hope and courage. Then use the lessons you’ve learned to help even more people.

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How To Avoid Small Business Burnout

Anxiety - Stress ... Time management vital for...Stress is greedy. If you don’t watch out, it can affect the way that you run your business. You will find yourself making hasty decisions; the quality of your service may take a nosedive, and you may find yourself making one birdbrained mistake to another. If you don’t want stress to turn your life and business upside down, loosen its grip with these tips.

  •  Heed your body’s stress warnings such as headache, increased heart rate and irritability. Learn to recognize stress signals and deal with them immediately. The simple act of taking several deep breaths can diffuse the effects of stress.
  • Be mindful of your health. Adopt a healthy lifestyle as poor health and a weak body is stress’s playground. Have more energy to manage stress by exercising at least 30 minutes a day and eating balanced and nourishing foods. These things can be easily ignored, but they are actually essential.

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How to Maintain Your Post-Vacation Bliss

This was taken on the beach outside our hotel ...

This was taken on the beach outside our hotel in Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent the holidays alternating between managing my own fever and nursing my family through theirs. It felt awful but at least we were together! In a few weeks, I’m going to take a sunny south vacation so this advice by Toronto-based business and life coach Joshua Zuchter about easing my way back really resounded. Here are his tips:

• Take two-minute mini-vacations.  Taking short breaks throughout the day to clear your head or go for a short walk can make the transition to your work routine less aggressive.

• Get a handle on e-mail backlog.  Scan for emails that can easily be deleted and tackle the rest one at a time, either responding or filing them in relevant folders.

• Assign catch up time into your schedule. Schedule your away notice to indicate your return date as one day later than it actually is.

• Stay hydrated.  Drinking optimal amounts of water makes a huge difference in people’s mental health and attitude.

• Spruce up your office. Bring vacation memories into the workplace to remind you of the calm you felt while away.

As a small business coach, I am a huge proponent of rest and relaxation for my clients and for myself. If you’re like me, you are worried that the world and your clients will go on without you and you’ll regret that vacation but take my advice and don’t burn yourself out. You are the heart of your business and you need to refuel. So go ahead, I give you permission. Take a few days off and do something that you can classify as a vacation…
Come on Mexico!
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How to Get Your Loved Ones to Love Your Business

My loved ones are amazing. It’s only been a year since I launched my coaching practice full time. My family is so supportive that my retired parents are paying for part of my own coach’s hefty fee. My dreamboat hubby is willing to do the heavy financial lifting even though our income has been reduced and our weekly date nights have been curtailed.  The only fly in the ointment is my 3 year old who keeps asking why I have to go to work at night when I go networking. For those who want to be in the same boat as me, here are are some tips on how to get your loved ones to do support you the same way:

1. Keep your family informed. To win your loved ones’ support, you need to be clear about exactly what you’re getting into with this venture. Give them an overview of the business plan, including how you intend to succeed.

2. Acknowledge concerns.If your partner is less comfortable with risk or less excited about your idea, let them know that’s okay and address their concerns. If they feel heard, they will be much more likely to encourage you to follow your passion.

3. Carve out protected family time.Commit to being fully present at nightly dinners, weekend outings, or an evening walk with your partner.

4. Set limits together. Before you’re stuck in the heat of the moment, set ground rules about how much your partner is willing to sacrifice, personally and financially.

When you love what you do but those who love you don’t, there’s no joy in the life that you’re leading as a small business owner. It’s already full of so many challenges to grow the business that you simply don’t need another nay sayer. So take the advice above and get your family to watch your profits soar together.
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How to Harness Your Brains Secret Efficiency

Category:Educational research

Category:Educational research (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I don’t know about you but I didn’t know that my brain had secret or not so secret efficiency. It is a far more blaze person than I who could ignore such an article…

1. Start your day with mind-calming activities. Whether that’s exercise, deep breathing exercises, listening to music, or reading the newspaper while you drink your morning coffee.

2. Schedule “do not disturb” time. Schedule focus periods throughout your day at the times when you’re most creative and strategic.

3. Apply the brakes on distractions. “Notice the distraction, take a deep breath and make a conscious choice to stay with the focus or follow the distraction if it’s urgent, rather than allowing [it] to hijack your attention,” says Moore.

4. Take frequent brain breaks. “Encourage your mind to wander and move your body to refresh your brain,” says Moore.

5. Fuel your brain. Regular exercise improves attention, memory and the brain’s ability to absorb new information. In addition to exercise, your brain requires certain nutrients to stay at its peak performance.

via How to Harness Your Brains Secret Efficiency.

Luckily I do these things, if not regularly. I guess that’s the real trick is to get on board with a regimen. Just like losing weight or meditating, anything worth having is worth focusing on.

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