100 Days Of Rejection Therapy

rejectionAll day, everyday I teach small business owners to stop being afraid of something. Stop being afraid of calling strangers, of public speaking, of networking, of increasing their prices, of asking for coffee dates and of course, the big one, of asking for the sale.

When I read this article about a startup entrepreneur named Jia Jiang who was crushed when he couldn’t get funding for his startup and how he turned it into a challenge to get over his FEAR of rejection, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He decided that the fear was actually worse than the asking. To desensitize himself and get over the fear, he took a challenge to get rejected 100 days in a row. He then videotaped each rejection and put it on his blog post. http://www.entresting.com/blog/100-days-of-rejection-therapy/

Jia only had 3 criteria for his challenges: 1. Ethical (no lying or marriage-undermining) 2. Legal 3. Doesn’t defy the law of physics

Some of his more interesting rejection challenges that he filmed were:

Rejection 34: Find a Job in One Day

Rejection 35: Ask a Girl Out to Dinner

Rejection 38: Challenge a CEO to a Staring Contest

Rejection 100 – Interview President Obama (which he’s still waiting for)

He became a sort of cult hero because people who felt the bitter agony of the fear of rejection were asking him to take on a rejection challenge (like asking a girl out to dinner) that they were deathly afraid of.

What could you do in your business if you were desensitized to rejection? I let my imagination run free here. If you weren’t afraid of rejection, you would:

1. Triple Your Prices Overnight Without Changing A Single Thing In Your Offer

The belief that we will starve if we ‘price ourselves out of the market’ is such a false one as I’ve seen in the past year. It’s probably the single biggest rejection that people fear.

2. Ask More People For Coffee

If you could double the number of coffee dates you have with people you can potentially help, do you think that might increase the number of clients you get?

3. Public Speak More And To Bigger Crowds

If you could get over the fear of rejection on masse where the fear of ‘what if they ask me something I don’t know’, ‘what if there’s a jerk in the audience who embarrasses me’, ‘what if I freeze up and don’t remember what I know’, then you’ll be raking in hundreds of more clients.

4. Make a Million Dollars Without Neglecting Your Family

If you got over just the ASSUMPTION of massive success equaling the rejection of your loved ones, where do you think your business could go?

5. Be Your True Silly Self

If you were not afraid of rejection or humiliation from your business peers and clients, would you be sillier and let out your fun side more? Would you be rolling more with laughter or wear red lipstick or thigh high boots? The sad truth is that you would be even more successful in business if you did.

What’s going to be your rejection challenge for this week?

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How NOT To Turn A Coffee Date Into A Client

Part of my recent strategy that’s been responsible for doubling my small business revenue in half a year has been having coffee dates with potential leads. This has been working so well for me that I thought I’d make a list of the things that DON’T WORK that I’ve run into over the past year. To be clear, I’m talking about having coffee dates with potential business leads, not social ones (although you might want to take the same advice for that too..hmm)

1. Tell Your Coffee Date That You Find Their “Beauty” Distracting

No joke, this happened to me today. It’s the inspiration for the whole blog actually. I asked my husband what he’d say if someone he was meeting with told him that. He laughed and said he’d give them $50 bucks to thank them. I wasn’t laughing though.

2. Talk Too Much About Yourself

I had a coffee date with a Virtual Assistant. The date could’ve gone either way, I could’ve hired her or she could’ve hired me since we both needed and were in the market for each others’ services. But would she stop talking about herself and her problems long enough to ask ME what I even did for a living? Nope. I decided that I didn’t want her to be a client OR a service provider for me. The sweetest word in any language is the sound of someone’s own name, come on people!

3. Talk Too Much Period

A coffee date with a potential client lead is an opportunity to find out about their pain and about what they perceive to be the barrier to their dreams. If you’re too busy talking, you’re not listening. In professional coach training, we are told to shut up 80% of the length of the conversation. It’s actually a great rule of thumb for most business and sales people.

4. Treat It Like A Social Date

If you don’t spend the coffee date finding out about my business needs and how you can help me, then you’re just there to chug coffee. As my mean bootcamp workout instructor yells at us, this is not tap dance class. Similarly, this is not a social date, it’s a business meeting taking place at a convenient Starbucks near you.

5. Leave Without Closing The Sale

I’ve found that the biggest opportunity to close the sale is in that actual coffee meeting. Sure, some will want to check my references and some will need to arrange financing but before we leave, I should either have your credit card information or a clear understanding of the reason for your decision not to buy. You will never have as big an opportunity to close your lead again.

Coffee shops and leads go hand in hand these days. As I wait for a new lead to arrive at a Starbucks, sometimes I listen to the conversations around me and I’m astounded that very few are personal. This is such an indication that small business is not only alive and well but is actually saving the world economy right in front of our very eyes. So take my hard earned wisdom to heart and start turning coffee dates into paying clients.

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My Surprising New Year’s Resolutions

HappyNewYear2013ManArmsUp660Yup, I’m an entrepreneur and for me, it’s that time of year when everything is fresh and exciting. It’s also that time where everything seems do-able and fun. So here’s my crack at a list of my 2013 resolutions.

1.       Get on TV

To my everlasting embarrassment, my only previous experience of being on tv was a news footage of a close up of me, unknowingly stuffing a giant piece of lettuce into my mouth at an outdoor café. Unfortunately, the news story was about the fact that health inspectors had closed down the restaurant!  I had people recognize me from that 1 minute reel and laugh at me for months afterwards!

This year, I want to be featured in a slightly different way. I want to spread the word about branding to small biz owners everywhere!

 2.       Stop Talking (So Much)

According to coach training, while pure coaching, we are supposed to listen to the coachee 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the session. In fact, there’s an acronym that we use called WAIT (Why Am I Talking?). Even though I combine consulting into my coaching, I’m resolving to shut up and listen more to everyone around me this year. I’ll bet my hubby will be happy about this one!

3.       Have more coffee

No, I don’t actually want to drink more coffee but to make more coffee dates with people I meet at networking events. Lots of my coffee dates have turned into clients in 2012. 2013 is going to be ALL about building relationships for me.

So what are your crazy and wonderful resolutions this year? Write and let me know, maybe I can help!

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