5 Signs That Your Clients Are Just Not That Into You

he'sjustnotthatintoyouHaving experienced an unfortunate love life until the ripe age of 37 when I met my Andy, I thought the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was written about me. It was all about stories of guys and gals who did 2 am booty calls, who refused to introduce you to his friends, who didn’t want to talk about the future and who just kept you hanging onto the edges of their life with no output of effort or affection.

So when I started my own business of helping other businesses get new clients through figuring out their marketing, it occurred to me that the same thing was happening to us. We were hanging onto clients just like bad boyfriends who were Just Not That Into Us. Here are a few signs that this is happening written in the style of the original book itself which is in the form of Dear Abby type letters.

1. No Contact Sport

Dear Chala

I’m a financial adviser and I help young parents set up a secure financial future for their children. I’ve been working with a family for 2 years now and unless I call them, they never reach out to me and I have to practically insist on a date and call back several times to actually set a date to talk about THEIR portfolio performance. What’s going on here?

Perplexed in Parry Sound

Dear Perplexed,

I sympathize with your plight. The reason why your clients aren’t reaching out to you and don’t want to speak to you is because either they don’t like you or they don’t like the subject of finance and they’re avoiding you like the plague. Try to change your approach-meet them in a new environment that’s friendly to their family like an indoor playground’s private meeting room (since finances are confidential). Another idea is to bring a toy for their kids. Then ask them sincerely what they would love to change about the relationship. Are you meeting too frequently or is the info you’re presenting in a format they struggle with. If none of these approaches work, then move onto clients who love and adore your presence and thrive in your help!


2. Lucky To See A Dime

Dear Chala,

Do you ever get clients who from the very start are late in payments and sometimes miss their payments altogether?! There’s one guy I have to remind 4 times a month before he’ll pay me. I know it’s not a lack of money, he pays a lot of other vendors and his business is growing every minute.  Yet I never interrupt his service because I maintain his website and social media stream and how am I supposed to stop that? What should I do?

Net Pet

Dear Pet,

I very rarely have this happen to me but I know it happens a lot. If your client is So Not Into You that they’re ok with you walking or that you’ve trained them that it’s ok to skip payments or not pay you altogether, then you’ve got to walk away. People rarely change. You either have to start attracting clients who will honour their financial commitments or you have to re-train your existing dead beats into thinking that they can’t have you for free. Unless you’re performing a noble job like breastfeeding-when the payment stops, the service stops. No exceptions!


3. Who Me Implement?

Dear Chala,

I’m a personal trainer and the majority of my clients don’t do what I’m asking them to do between our sessions so my success rate on average is a big whopping disappointment. What can I do so I can hold my head up high at the next Thigh Busters Convention?

Muscles From Mississauga

Dear Muscles,

Any business owner who provides advice for a living has this problem and here’s how I solved it for my own clients. I now have a clause in my contract where if a client doesn’t do the homework they promised (which is captured in writing), I take $50 off their credit card each session. It’s been working beautifully and weeds out the serious clients from the ones who are Just Not That Into Me.


4. Snarky Barky

Dear Chala,

I love most of my clients but there’s this one store owner who is just as sarcastic as they come and he’s killing my mojo. Last week when I called to ask if he had more orders to place this month, he asked me if I was waiting for Santa to help me deliver since his last order had been a day late. He’s constantly saying things like this and I’m not sure he’s very happy. What should I do?

Office Guy In Oakville

Dear Office Guy,

When a client is saying sarcastic and nasty things to you all day long, it could either be because he’s just made that way and everyone gets the lash of his or her tongue or it could be your client is Just Not That Into You because he or she has experienced a gap in what he thinks you promised versus what he thinks you’re delivering. Clear up the matter by asking openly if they’re happy working with you. If not, move on. In fact, if they’re just a miserable son of a gun, move on anyway.


5. Complaint-City

Dear Chala,

Is it normal for a client to complain about everything and everyone or is it just that I’m not delivering a top notch service? Most of my clients are happy and doing well but some are just not thriving and they seem to complain and blame just about everything but their dog. What do you say?

Kicking Post Kelly

Dear Kelly,

When something goes wrong, productive people take responsibility and see the event as a learning for the next time. When a client keeps blaming others, circumstances or even you for not getting results, you need to address this issue. If they’re open to hearing it and willing to learn, they’ll work through it. If not, they are Just Not That Into You so you have to gently and kindly say goodbye.


If you’re a small business owner and you’re working with a client who is Just Not That Into You, wake up and smell the discontent. Then slowly and surely walk away from them into the arms of new clients who are perfect for who you are.

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7 Things Really Amazing Communicators Do

When your small business success depends on your ability to communicate, you’d better care about what amazing communicators are doing so that you can copy them. Here are 7 cues about what the heck they’re doing in an article in Inc. Magazine by .

1. They Connect

People say that, when Bill Clinton talks with you, he makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. Let your listeners feel your empathy and know you value their importance.

2. They Engage

To be an amazing communicator, you should be well informed and yet ready to learn, listen and participate.

3. They Disarm

Get comfortable and confident in your own skin so you can give good energy in conversation and from the podium.

4. They Focus

Set structure to your speech and soon you’ll be able to communicate ideas in an efficient and powerful way.

5. They Clarify

Amazing communicators find ways to simplify complex concepts without being condescending.

6. They Reinforce

Make an effort to be dynamic and thoughtful in your delivery so listeners get depth and emphasis rather than a miscellany of concepts.

7. They Practice

Most amazing communicators didn’t start that way. They learned from experts, practiced with coaches and studied technique.


The biggest learning from all of the 7 points is that nobody was BORN a great communicator. Having done countless talks and interviews and speeches to all sizes of crowds, I know that I’ve gotten better with each new experience. So, the shortest way to success is to hire some help to groom you and to get out there and throw yourself to the mercy of your audience.

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Dress Up Your Biz as These Hot Headlines For Halloween

You thought Halloween was just for kids and drinking parties. Entrepreneurs take note, your business can take a cue and ‘dress up’ by being inspired by these recent events for the occasion. Here’s a truly silly look at how to take advantage of this scaaary holiday for your small business.

The US Government Shuts Down

You can shut your own business down for Halloween and dress up as the US Government. You can avoid going to national parks and monuments for the day if you’re being true to the original model.

Miley Cyrus Twerks at the MTV VMAs

In honour of this nearly naked look that Miley had going for her, you can send a completely honest note baring your soul to your clients. I’ve always been a great proponent of transparency in your brand, why not take this occasion as an opportunity to do so.

Prince George Makes His Public Debut

The cutest monarch couple in history has spawned a child. What would it be like if this Halloween you gave birth to your own business child, in the form of a new program or a new package of your old services?

Beyoncé Cuts Her Hair

When her hair caught in a fan and she later lobbed the entire length off into a short bob, Beyoncé made a bold move. What can you cut in your business that would be equally bold and has been causing you a headache? This Halloween, why not go ahead and chop it off?

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Inspired by http://www.popsugar.com/Hot-Halloween-Costumes-2013-31925008?image_nid=31929161&slide=2

Is Your Web Presence Getting You More Customers?

You think you’re a hot shot online? Think again, in  ‘s Inc Magazine article, study findings show that customers think a lot less of your business than you think they do. Here are the stats:

A recent study by Web.com found that small businesses underestimated the opportunity they have to build relationships with customers via the web and also overestimated their positive presence online.

Only 50 percent of consumers surveyed reported that small businesses meet or exceed their expectations in terms of a web and social media presence–something most businesses owners don’t realize. Of the small business decision-makers who were surveyed, 61 percent rated their websites positively, while only 46 percent of consumers shared the same view.


The big reason for the disconnect between what consumers think of a small business’ online presence and what the small business decision makers think of their presence is the expectations each group has around web presence. I can’t stress talking to your clients enough. Ask them all day, every day what they think of you, your presence and  your industry. Find out what’s happening in their minds, then change your marketing to fit their reality, not yours.

You’ll be the wealthiest small business owner if you base your entire marketing, including online presence on your CONSUMERS’ insights.

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