How to Engage Customers on a Dime

One of the biggest fears for small businesses around marketing is that it’s expensive. As a no-nonsense marketing coach, I often tell my clients that this just ain’t so. You truly can engage your customers on a dime and  in his article in Entrepreneur Magazine agrees with me. Here are some great cheap or free resources you can use to snag your future clients’ love:

 Paid Media. Newspaper advertising is a good example — something many small  businesses utilize locally.

Owned Media. These are the brand assets you own that  you can use to relay your message, like your website or your packaging.

Earned Media. This is when you get someone else to tell your message on your behalf, mostly because they inherently agree with you  or are motivated to promote you.

Trade Media. When you partner with another brand and  you “trade” assets to leverage the power of joint marketing.

Shared Media.  Facebook, which is a form of owned media, is certainly  shared media as well.Read more:

In an era when some ridiculous guy from across the globe can Gangnam Stylize the entire world through free media, what’s to stop your small business from getting a few extra clients the same way?

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Spend Money to Make Money

Canadian 2 dollar coin

Canadian 2 dollar coin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the biggest objections I get from entrepreneurs when I introduce the concept of hiring me as a marketing coach and consultant is that they don’t have enough sales to justify the spend. They want to get some clients in the door before committing to a 6 month coaching contract. What this article so clearly shows is that companies in trouble get better when they spend money on marketing. See the stats below:

Here are results from a survey of 600 U.S. companies whose revenues increased after the 1981-82 recession, and what they did with their advertising during the recession.

  • Companies that increased their advertising saw revenues increase 275%.
  • Companies that decreased their advertising saw revenues rise only 19%.

It couldn’t be much clearer. You have to spend real money to make money.

via Spend Money to Make Money.

If you are a new business or things have slowed down for you, you need to have faith that you need the help in improving your marketing to be able to move forward and get more clients. When I left my fulltime job, my last pay cheque went to my coach. I had no clients, I had no prospects, and I was darn scared. Here I am a year and a half later and I have a full practice, confidence and direction.

I mean, is it really the chicken or the egg that comes first?

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