3 Signs You’ve Hired The Wrong Marketing Help

wrongmarketingHave you ever spent money on your marketing and wondered if you were throwing your money away? As a small business marketing coach, every day I meet small businesses who tell me their woeful tales of hiring some form of help in marketing and being disappointed. Here are 3 hints that you’ve indeed gone and hired the wrong marketing help.

1. They are an expert in implementing one element but not the strategy

If I had a dollar for every client who had hired a social media expert, an SEO guru, a website designer or a telemarketer to help their business growth and not gotten a single new client from their efforts, I’d be living in Hawaii on my retirement funds right now. An expert in one field of marketing can’t be responsible for the STRATEGY of your business. For that, you need to hire an expert who can help you determine your most viable niche, your ideal target client and your messaging. Without any of these, how can you expect anyone to really be able to help your business grow?

2. The things you’re promised are not happening

A client once cried to me about her web designer who had promised her the moon. He’d promised to help her find her niche, determine her messaging and to help with targeting her ideal clients. Of course, months later my client fired them because they weren’t capable of delivering what they promised. Please understand that there are companies who are actually capable of doing that but beware of generalists. Also beware of anyone who says they can help you determine your strategy without doing consumer research. My clients and I research their niches as the first starting point in our relationship. Research is the only way to figure out which way you should go with your marketing and if your vendor is promising you results without it, I would be very wary.

3.  You’re getting no new clients but are assured of long-term ROI

Listen, I know that online strategies take time to make their way to SEO rankings and to help you get found. However, even those should start to yield some new clients of the quality that you want within a few months. If you are not getting any new clients as a result of your investment but are being assured that it’s good to build general brand awareness of your industry, I would sincerely suggest that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. If you are getting brand awareness but that’s not translating to at least 1 new person a week asking you the question “how much do you charge?” then you’re not getting any leads from your efforts.

So wizen up to how you spend your marketing dollars and realize that strategy and implementation are two completely separate subject matters. Paying for any one element without having a strategy first would be like trying to build a new house first and paying an architect to draw the plan later. Worse yet, is to try to build a house without that plan-which is sadly what most people do, because they simply don’t know what they don’t know.

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How My Future Self Helps Me Make More Money

The Future Chala

The founder of my favorite brand in the whole wide world, Patagonia (the outdoor active wear company) changed his whole business around when he asked himself one question: What if we’re still around 100 years from now? How would we have to change? After that, a revolution began. The company made it their mission to “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use our business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” They changed their address, their suppliers and their marketing.

My Question

While this was going on at Patagonia, I had also been asking myself this transformative question during my daily meditations. Even today, each day I ask myself “what would the future successful me be saying to the today me who is trying to grow her business and is scared of all the change that’s happening?”

My Answer

First let me clarify who the future successful me is. She’s fearless because she has literally seen and done it all. She’s rich in money, friendships, love and health. She is not only a thought leader in her subject matter but an inspiration in her community. She’s a successful parent and a still deeply in love wife. She’s brought about enormous change in her business and in her family’s lifestyle through her continuing successes. Let me also give you a clue (see the picture above) that she’s still pretty damn good to look at.

What does the future me say to me every day? “Hold on Chala. Wait it out. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid of the future. Keep doing the things that you’re doing because you really are 3 feet from the kind of success that you’re dreaming about. Forget the fear and know that it works out really well for us.”

The Science

Now, I knew this as an exercise in NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) which I studied years ago but until I became familiar with Dr.Joe Dispenza’s work I never knew why talking to your future self was a good thing to do.

In an incredible study that Dr.Joe mentions in his book “Breaking the Habit Of Being Yourself” in July 2000, an Israeli doctor conducted research with almost 4000 hospitals and divided patients into 2 groups. One group would have people praying for them to get well, the other wouldn’t. All the patients had sepsis (an infection). He looked at 3 things to determine if the prayer worked: 1. how long the fever lasted, 2. length of hospital stay and 3. how many died as a result of infection.

Predictably, the prayed-for benefited from an earlier decrease in fever, shorter hospitalization time and the death rate was better but not statistically significant versus the unfortunate not-prayed-for group.

Here’s the kicker: the people praying only discovered later that the name of the patient lists they were praying for were from patients who were in the hospital from 1990 to 1996! Four to ten years before the experiment was done. In other words, praying (placing mind energy) on perfect strangers who lived in the past HELPED heal them. How crazy is that!

The Future You

If you were to pray (or have a focused intention during meditation like I do each day) on your own past or future for a better life, could you affect it? According to Dr.Joe, quantum law in physics says that all potential exists simultaneously. It’s mind-blowing but I’ve been practicing this very thing and it’s not only made me feel better but it’s actually manifesting great things in my business.

So, if you can open your mind and your heart and talk to the future you, what would you say to yourself to grow your small business like I am?

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What Is Your Most Valuable Currency?

I was floored when I watched comedian Jim Carrey do a commencement speech at a spiritual university graduation where apparently they meditate as part of the curriculum! I wasn’t only floored that there’s a university that does (called the Maharashi University) that but that Jim Carrey of all people was doing the speech.

And the things he was saying…I listened in astonishment as every single sentence he uttered made my heart sing and my hair stand on its end.

The first and most important thing he made me realize was..

The Most Valuable Currency I Have Is The Effect I Have On Others

Whether on a stage or chatting with my sister, I never really thought about the effect I had on others and how important that was. You are also walking around, making people either feel good or feel nothing. You either choose to lift people up or live your regular life. How would your life change if you viewed your effect on others as a currency? T. Harv Eker says ‘You help enough people get rich, you’ll get rich’. Likewise, you affect enough people in a positive way, that currency will come back to you in a multitude of ways.

Why Fail At What You Don’t Want?

Jim Carrey talks about his dad who wanted to be a comedian but instead was scared of failure so he became an accountant, which he hated. He got fired from that job so Jim concluded “you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on what you love”! I loved this piece because for 20 years in the corporate world, I did things I didn’t love and I was restructured, disrespected, mistreated and still stayed because I was too scared to do what I really wanted to do. I was finally brave enough to leave but every day I see so many others who are still suffering in the same cycle. Why not try for what you love instead?

Your Need For Acceptance Can Make You Invisible

Boy, I can’t believe I was hearing this from one of the most famous and visible faces in the world. Imagine if HE feels that way, how a regular person like me feels! This topic is such a huge new calling for me that in fact, I’ll be speaking about it to a gathering of 30 women tonight. When you want to be perfect, you disappear. When you want to write perfect blogs, have perfect headshots, look perfect on video and want to have the perfect bio that reflects none of the shame and trials that made you, then like many of my clients, you simply choose NOT to show up in your marketing. Please don’t do that. The world needs to hear your imperfection. You need to speak your shame and fear otherwise everyone’s pretending in silence and nobody can help anyone.

If your small business is suffering because you don’t dare to fail or be imperfect and you don’t realize that your true currency lies in your effect on others, then I hope I’ve convinced you to give change a chance.

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4 Ways To Keep Clients From Hiring You Today

In my 3rd year of business, I keep running into false and limiting beliefs around doing business in the summer time. People, just because the temperature got above freezing after 6 months of shivering doesn’t mean that marketing your business stops. Here are 4 things you should definitely do if you DON’T want clients to hire you today.

1. Take The Summer Off

Go ahead, the kids are out of school, your business is doing ok, you can afford it right? Wrong. Right about September, my phone starts ringing with clients trying to re-engage my services because they didn’t put in any marketing time over the summer. Do not stop your marketing. Just work it around the early Friday take-offs to the cottage or long weekends but keep at it.

2. Assume That Everyone Also Takes The Summer Off

This is a big one because it affects how you operate. Do you stop sending emails to event organizers to get speaking gigs? (most speaking is planned in the summer!) Do you stop calling key people to move your business forward because you assume they are away for holidays? As Bob Newhart says in his hilarious video as a psychotherapist, “Just Stop It”!

3. Don’t Plan For A Drop In Numbers

I found out that if I don’t proactively plan to be MORE visible and busy in the summer months, that my numbers do indeed go down. So this year for the first time, I’m going to be participating in US trade shows and I’m actually even participating in a golf tournament with my key prospects. I’ll let you know if I get kicked off the course but I can promise you that by anticipating a drop in my natural numbers and putting in counter-measures, I feel much better going into the summer.

4. Skip Networking For The Summer

I admit, some networking groups actually break for the summer so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t attend their meetings. However, I’ve cleverly found others that just do events in the summer. Also, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve signed up for a very uncomfortable (for me) sport which seems to be revered by my target clients in the summer. Find out where your ideal clients are this summer and go hang out with them. Just don’t sit in your backyard and BBQ. Get out there.

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Emotions Make The Decision, Ratinale Makes You Feel Better About It

This past week, I went to the International Coach Federation’s conference where neuroscientist Richard Boyatzis was the keynote. Let me say that the man was a fountain of information for anyone working in the human potential industry (like myself). Here are some of the pearls he dropped. Straight from his lips to your eyes via this blog.

The Emotional Mind Makes The Decision, The Rational Mind Makes You Feel Better About It

Any time I have a sales conversation with a prospect and I ask them if they’re ready to work with me, they have already made the decision based on how I made them feel. They then rationalize those feelings by telling themselves things to justify their decision. For example, if they felt excited by working with me to produce their dreams then their mind tells them about my credentials and all my success. Unfortunately if they feel scared about spending money to hire a coach, their emotions make the decision not to work together, then their rational mind tells them that it’s not the right time or that their business isn’t ready etc. etc. Be very very careful about how you’re rationalizing and how you’re making your decisions.

Adaptability Is At The Heart Of Every Kind Of Success

Wow, can I tell you about a coffee meeting I just came from with a 30-year-old multi million dollar business owner woman? She is the embodiment of this statement. She went from being a pastry chef to having to manage her ailing father’s empire with no prior training in the industry, to almost going bankrupt, to rebuilding the entire business. Now she’s poised to become an international speaker. I asked her the secret to her success and she said Adaptability. Somehow, she was always very good at doing what needed and being ok with it. What can you adapt to that you’ve been resisting to grow your business?

The Idea That People Don’t Change Is Ridiculous

I am such a wholehearted fan of this statement. After all, every day I see the evidence of how after 40 years on this earth, I was able to break through my immigrant conditioning and change my money blueprint to live the life of my dreams. If I can do it, it can be done and I’m just getting started. If you’re holding on to the belief that people don’t change or that YOU can’t or won’t change, then I invite you to take Boyatzis’ advice and take a second look at that limiting belief.

Constructive Criticism Is Still Criticism

Boyatzis revealed that negative emotions in humans actually register a larger impact than positive ones so unfortunately during the course of a day, if you want to change your life for the better, you need to oversample the positive emotions to overcome the negative ones that are flooding your life. Criticism is another thing that causes negative emotions, even if it’s constructive. So the next time you’re tempted to criticize someone under the pretext of helping them, recognize that you might actually be hurting them. Cruel to be kind is no longer considered to be so kind.

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What I’m Addicted To

Did watching this video make you feel good inside? Well, apparently you should remember that feeling and think of it at least once everyday if you want to change the thoughts that you’ve become addicted to which might be limiting your success.

At least that’s what I learned this weekend where my mind was blown away by a seminar by Dr.Joe Dispenza, scientist extraordinaire and author of the best-selling book ‘You Are the Placebo’.

Omg is all I can say. I learned the scientific reason why some of my clients get stuck even if they have the perfect marketing plan. It’s the same reason why I’ve been stuck all my life at the same level of income until very recently.

Here is how it all works:

1. You have an experience (usually when you’re a kid): Your Dad works even while he’s sick, too scared to call in a sick day to work because he’s afraid of being let go. Your Mom is the coupon lady. Money is a topic of stress.

2. Then you have a thought: You have to work really hard to make a lot of money

3. Then your brain produces a chemical and sends it to the appropriate response organ (something called neuropeptides activate the gut hormones for example)

4. Then you feel an emotion: probably fear around money or sadness that your family is going through hardship

5. Then your body is now craving that same hormone because it’s addicted to it, so it asks the mind to produce the same type of thought

6. Then your mind thinks another thought that’s similar to produce a similar hormone: It is really hard to be a success

7. Then the body says ‘oh, thank you for sending me that chemical so I can produce the same hormone, I was really missing that!’

8. Then your brain keeps firing the same thought pattern that produces the same chemicals that produces the same hormones in your body.

9. What fires together wires together. This is when your body literally becomes your mind since it keeps telling the mind what to feel to feed it’s addiction to the hormone.

10. Your thoughts become a habit

11. Your thoughts become your attitude

12. Your thoughts create your destiny

Dr.Joe argues that this is where all disease comes from and where all your limitations come from. To break this vicious addiction and to have different outcomes, you need to bring up and fire different thoughts that produce different and positive results such as ‘it’s easy to make money’. You have to dedicate time every day to do this otherwise you can’t rewrite your brain and body.

I am still floating on a cloud and buzzing with my own possibilities. What about you?

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Take The 2-Second Why-You’re-Not-Rich Test

richI have to admit, I’ve been reading T.Harv Eker again. Yup, I’m forcing my hubby to listen to it, I’m talking to friends about it over coffee and I’m incorporating it into my sales conversations and it’s powerful. You think you’re spared from this as my blog reader? Not a chance.

In his famous talk (based on his book, which spawned an empire of training companies) titled Secrets of The Millionaire Mind dear Harv had even my eyebrows up when he made the audience (and me, listening in my car) take a test to determine what is holding us back from becoming rich.

Why Be Rich?

Being rich was never an ambition until recently. Until I learned that ‘I just want to be comfortable’ is the surest way to be UNCOMFORTABLE. That to claim to want nothing more than to cover my few luxuries is the fastest way to continual stress, strife and worry about money. I now know that if I were aiming at being rich, then I could probably get to comfortable but without even entertaining the thought of aiming higher, I was shooting myself in the foot.

If you’ve ever thought ‘money’s not important to me’, chances are you were in the same position as me. As Harv asks, if you said to your husband ‘you’re not that important’ how long would he be around? Same goes for money! Harv baby makes some compelling reasons to be rich. To live nicer and to provide better for your family is a big motivator. Another one is to give in a bigger way. Sure, we do what we can but imagine how much more you could do if you were truly rich.

Why You’re Not Rich?

If you’re already a millionaire and have 0 stress around money, I’ll excuse you and you can stop reading right here. If you’re not, then you can probably learn something from this.  The decisions I see being made by my clients every day are testament to why some are significantly more successful than others. As soon as you were born, you started filling your mental filing system with information to base your future adult decisions on. This info you stored away is the source of your decisions around money and your business.

I can see when clients will continue to make bad decisions for their business based on files that were downloaded to them by people who themselves had no money or no success around money. This is the single biggest reason why they are perpetually in the same miserable cycle of never having enough money.

The Test

So if you’re ready for it, here’s the test: Write down what you think  you’ll be making at the end of the year, say $300 000. Now put a 0 next to it and say to yourself “I’m going to make $3 000 000″. What is the first thought that pops into your head? For me, it was “I’ll have to work too hard”, for another friend it was “That’s impossible”, for another it was “I don’t need all that money”. Whatever thought first popped out for you, that’s the belief that’s in your filing system and every decision is made by that thought. Isn’t that scary?

So re-consider your files that cause your relationship to money and no matter what kind or level of business you’re in, you will benefit from accessing mental money files of more successful people than you.

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