Where Is Your Website Focus: You or Your Prospect?

I dare you to go look at any website, especially if it’s a service based professional’s website and they’ll be talking about themselves. Don’t worry, this self-obsessed communication isn’t only on websites but can also be found in networking meetings, parties or even during actual business pitches! Like the time when I was a client and was being pitched a new display technology by a global company and didn’t once hear the name of my company (the potential client) mentioned in 2 excruciatingly long hours!

Instead of the hideous self obsession, I tell my clients to have what I call Self Amnesia. Forget about yourself and only mention yourself only within the context of how you helped someone.  That’s why this article resounded. See the pointers below.

Where is your focus when it comes to your company website? Is it about your company and your products or services? Or is your focus on your best prospect’s and client’s goals, challenges, issues, concerns and problems?

What do you see?

You got your home page, vision & mission page, products & services page, blog, about us page, testimonials, media, video page, podcast page, pictures page, social and new media icons, contact us etc.

People Are Searching for Solutions

Did you know that ninety-six percent of people are searching for a solution to their problems and challenges. Only four percent are ready to buy.

via Where Is Your Website Focus: You or Your Prospect?.

Your website is almost like your phone number where it’s odd if you don’t have one since everyone has one. It’s the first place people goto when they meet you and want to know more about you. Don’t you want them to get the impression that you actually care about them more than you do about showing off all that you are and that you do?

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