4 Creative Ways to Grow Your Business Using the Web

I absolutely loved this article about creative ways to grow your business. I didn’t know about half of these ways! Check them out below:

Sign up to be a pick-up zone for Amazon.

While traveling recently,  I was surprised to find Amazon had an option to select a local business where I could choose to have the package delivered instead. I picked a nail salon down the street. Signing up to be a pick-up zone for Amazon allowed her to market to someone like me.

Make a special offer to another company’s customers.

Find out if there is a company with a product that benefits yours and offer it a discount code or special it can share with customers on purchases of your complimentary products.

Add a partner spotlight to your newsletter.

Offer to do a small editorial with a link to the other company’s site in your newsletter in exchange for the same type of coverage for your business in the newsletter of the company you are willing to spotlight.

Offer an unexpected service.

Think about free services you can offer that will keep your customers in touch with you.  If your product, for example, is a web-based gift registry, think about offering clients a free blog function that is better suited than the standard Facebook to help them communicate about a big event.

via 4 Creative Ways to Grow Your Business Using the Web.

The new word in business today is “Co-ompetition”. I love that word because it’s actually integrated into all 4 of the creative ways to grow your business that are discussed above. Who can you partner with and how can you make it a creative venture?

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