A Quick Guide to Making Your Brand’s Story More Compelling

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am forever encouraging my clients to Rip off the Mask and be their authentic self to attract more of their ideal clients. Your core values are at the root of why you started your own business. Whether it’s to serve or to protect, to entertain or to teach–there’s a BIG why at the core of your business. Here are a few ways to use that reason to attract more clients:

Share your “why” in distinctive ways.

  • Put a video on your site. Rather than just telling your story in text in the About Us section of your website, create a video as well.
  • Post photos.  If you have a cool office or store, showcase it. Post photos of customers and your team to highlight the people behind your brand’s success.
  • Add a few quotes. Get quotes from your leadership, customers and business partners that help tell the “why” of your story.

Give your “why” more real estate.

  • Put it on the home page. What could be better than putting a video up on your home page that describes why your company exists and why you do what you do?
  • Link to it from social profiles. . Make your story a critical part of that interaction.
  • Write about it on your company blog. Your blog can be a great place to call out your story.

via A Quick Guide to Making Your Brand’s Story More Compelling.

When you make a big deal about who you really are and why your company exists, the exact kind of people who you want to attract notice you. You penetrate their radar in the most effective way and cut through the throngs of clutter that they have thrown at them everyday of their life.

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