Best Sales Advice From a Martial Arts Master, Navy SEAL& More

A Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) team member carries his ...

While I’m not a fan of war, I am a fan of the discipline and superior training of the Navy SEALs. So when I saw this article about how the author related small business sales success to learnings from the SEALs, I had to share. Here are some of the lessons

1. Always Be Ready

My martial arts trainer talks regularly about being prepared and aware at all times. Business training is not so different from martial arts training. Practice constantly: Keep prospecting; write handwritten thank-you notes; keep your top targets posted on your office wall.

2. Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Several years ago I interviewed Richard Machowicz–a former Navy SEAL, author, and host of the Discovery Channel and Military Channel show Future Weapons.

One of the statements he made was that the key to success is being comfortable being uncomfortable. That means doing things that take you out of your comfort zone.

Never forget: Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

3. Listen

I learned many lessons from him, but the one I remember most is this: “Most people really don’t listen to the people they meet.” Business is built on relationships, and listening is what keeps them strong.

via Best Sales Advice From a Martial Arts Master, Navy SEAL & More.

Masters at the top of any game could tell you that the secret to their success really does lie in these simple things like doing the uncomfortable thing, or always being prepared and to truly listening and hearing what people are saying to them.

I hope you’ll be at the top of your game today as you consider how you might use these skills for your business to grow!

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