My teacher Oprah

I saw Oprah live for the first time in my life this week in Toronto. Bucket list anyone? People (mostly women) were lined up for blocks and blocks. Parking lots around the venue were full. The radio was talking about the traffic jams caused by the event. Once I got into the building, I joined the throngs of women all excited and chatting and taking pictures of signs and the other people. I felt goosebumps from the energy in the room. I was there 2 hours before the start time and I almost couldn’t find a seat–even though I walked to the very end of the cavernous room. 8500 avid fans were there, waiting for their first glimpse of Oprah.

Similar to most people, I consider Oprah to be one of my biggest teachers. I’ve learned about authors, concepts, movements and personal stories of triumph and tragedy from her. I owe meeting my hero Wayne Dyer and my Rwandan sister through Women for Women International to Oprah.

The day of the event was no different. I saw and listened to great teachers I’d never heard about before. A large and charismatic man named Bishop T.D. Jakes stood up and wowed the audience. He said to the woman who couldn’t get over the death of her husband, “people are like scaffolding, when the building is complete they go away”. I was so touched by that. So many of my relationships have so much more meaning when I look at it that way.

As a small business growth coach, I teach everything I learn on a daily and hourly basis almost immediately. I am privileged to have a life where I can transfer these learnings to others as part of my actual job.

Make every day a learning day. Every memory something that has lessons and every interaction will have that much more meaning for you and for your clients.

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Entrepreneurial Paralysis

Rollerblade Twister skate Italiano: Pattino Ro...“Excuse me, coming through!” I screamed at the people on the bike path as I unsteadily rolled at a fast clip on my blades. It was an uncommonly busy day at the Beach and I’m not the best rollerblader to say the least.  Low and behold people were strolling on the bike path and not the boardwalk, impeding all biker and blader traffic.

The single most common reaction to my shouts was paralysis. People of all ages and sizes would turn around with giant eyes and STAY frozen in my path, watching me barrel them down on more than one occasion.

Fear freezes entrepreneurs too. One client who was too scared to pick a niche was incapable of creating a signature keynote or even writing en eBook because she couldn’t pick whose pain she wanted to address.

Another client was afraid to public speak so he avoided not just looking for speaking opportunities but stopped any marketing efforts what so ever.

Entrepreneurial Paralysis (my own word that I shall refer to as EP from now on) is easy to spot. If you own your own business and are procrastinating, stagnating or generally making a lot of excuses but getting nothing done, then you’ve got EP and you need help.


  • Remember why you’re in this business in the first place. If it’s still relevant, keep going.
  • Remind yourself of the consequences of inaction. If you have EP now, what will you be like in 6 months of this?
  • Write a to-do list with 3 business building actions per day and don’t end the day if they’re left undone.
  • Lastly, call a coach, call a mentor, call a friend, call anyone… but get some support. You can’t do it alone.

With kindness as always,